Villas in Marrakech

Villas in Marrakech from Kensington Morrocco
Villas In Marrakech

Villas in Marrakech are wonderful: here’s local luxury real estate specialist, Alex Peto, describing the service of his real estate company, Kensington Morocco, that specialises in all sorts of property, especially villas in Marrakech.

Alex has been in the international real estate industry for more than 20 years. Former director at Aylesford International in London, he brings along knowledge, experience, and the most exclusive contacts in the UK.

And for our French readers, here’s Alex’s business partner, Marc Leon, explaining what they do as an Immobilier Marrakech en Francais:

Marc’s very diversified background brings flavor and perspective to Kensington Morocco. Having studied and worked in the pharmaceutical industry, been a professional sportsman, a journalist and of course working in real estate as well, his unique take on things has taken Kensington Morocco to great lengths. He was also in the car dealership industry and speaks 4 language. When you are talking to Kensington Morocco, you are dealing with the best!

Marrakech is absolutely beautiful and spending time in a Villa couldn’t be better. In your privacy and with a pool for you to relax and cool from the imposing sun. The city is restless and so having a personal haven of peace is the best bet.

Kensington Morocco is the best real estate provider in Morrocco. Official affiliates of CHRISTIE’S INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE, a company of international renown, Kensington Morocco’s good reputation has been built on successful relationships with clients and the most complete and personalized luxury real estate services.

If you’re already in confidence with the quality of service and product you will get from Kensington Morocco, visit their website or give them a call at their office line +212 5 24 42 22 29, or mobile line +212 6 61 55 09 05. You will be absolutely pleased.

Make your stay in Marrakech the most fulfilled in terms of style, leisure and comfort!


Mark is the Publisher of Marrakech Confidential and an award-winning English entrepreneur based in Marrakech where he runs a global digital marketing agency, Attwood Digital.

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